Short, High Intensity HIIT Workouts

Original workouts which take less than twenty minutes to complete, yet deliver maximum results.

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Become More Fit

The high intensity workouts are created to be scalable to beginners and experienced athletes alike. Do them three days a week and you’ll see and feel improvements in less than a month.

Workout Anywhere

Do the workouts at home or at the gym. They take less than twenty minutes to complete. Bodyweight-only workouts included. Some gym equipment, e.g. dumbbells, also recommended. If you don’t have the necessary equipment, we'll help!

Perfect for busy people

Keelo workouts will exercise your full body in a short period of time. We tell you exactly what to do next, and keep track of your times and progress.

On Your Apple Watch

Keelo works great on an Apple Watch. From picking a workout to completing it. See your most recent workout times.

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On Your iPad

Use Keelo across all your devices. Easy to use on the iPhone, the Watch and of course the iPad for big helpful videos.

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